Top 5 Greatest Scientists Who Changed the World


Even during the start of human settlement, many people already came up with their own ideas, beliefs, philosophies, research, experiments, surveys and redesigning of their thoughts in order to bring myths into reality. People have contributed to science as a means in studying various areas of nature in order for mankind to prosper.These geniuses have focused a keen interest in every event from when they were kids. Their passion, zeal, effort, and hard work that they have done helped discover something new in regards to the world that people live in today.

All of these events that the world witnesses today wouldn’t have taken in its form without the world’s most influential scientists.


Aristotle was a Greek scientist and philosopher in the ancient times. He was a tutor of Alexander the Great and a student of Plato. Born in 384 BC he was not only a scientist, but he was also a biologist, ethicist, zoologist, political scientist and the master of logic and rhetoric. He even gave theories in subjects metaphysics and physics.


Archimedes is regarded as the greatest mathematician of all time. He developed the influential and profound knowledge of engineering and mathematical physics that is widely used in constructions and machines today. Born in 287 BC, he is considered as one of the excellent scientists that have broken through both practice and theories.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo is widely accepted as the father of modern science due to his discoveries in physics and astronomy.

At first, he was studying medicine as per wishes of his father, but then he chose to enhance his career in mathematics and science, thus made the very first telescope as a means to observe the planets and the stars.

He even discovered the pendulum and its law as he watched the chandelier swing at a cathedral located in Pisa. Another discovery he had was the surface of the moon was not that smooth, yet it contained holes and burrows in what he referred to as the crater.

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday is a British citizen and a son of a blacksmith. He had to leave school when he was in fourth grade. He then started working in bookbinding, which was the time he taught himself how to read and write. He then had this fascination with science, especially in electricity after he seriously studied a lot of academic works during his days.

Faraday is widely known for his discoveries with field theory, electromagnetic rotations, and inductions, magneto-optical effect, and dia-magnetization.

Thomas Alva Edison

Given the nickname “The Wizard of the Menlo Park”, he excelled in both being an inventor and scientist. Edison has patented a total of 1,093 inventions during his lifetime. Majority of his inventions included the phonographs, batteries, mining, cement, powers, telegraphs and lights.

He even improved the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell, and also invented a kinetoscope that was utilized for viewing the moving films. People witness Edison be working over 20 hours a day. Read More

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