Importance of Science in Our Daily Life



There is rarely any person that would ask how important science is to their daily life. The reason for this is because it is already a norm for the people that science is really important in a person’s daily life.

What is Science?

There are still some people that think science is not really important, but they are the ones that are using creations that are a product of science.

Breaking down the meaning of science, it is actually a practical and intellectual activity wherein it encompasses the systematic study of a behavior and structure of the natural and physical world through observing and experimenting. If you put things into perspective, almost everything that people do and use today are a product of science. Even the human body, when it is studied, science comes into play.

Science is everywhere in this world today. Even the very first human settlement, science was already existing, but most people those days were not aware that the things they are doing can be explained by science.


Take for example the daily activities that households do such as gardening, cooking, and recycling. When you do each of these activities, your brain processes various actions that you should take. When you are just new to gardening, you would be looking for ways on how you are going to do a specific process in gardening. You will be searching for which plants are good to plant in your home or in your garden. When it comes to cooking, you will find recipes and even some ideas on how to cook a healthy meal. Science is very broad subject, which is why when you do your research, there are various disciplines that are associated with science and each of them come with specific knowledge and skills that you can make use of.

If you take a look at history, there was a time that science had difficulty trying to spread its knowledge to the public, all because there was a monopoly on the information that was to spread. The people holding authority that time was too afraid of what people would do with the information which would’ve helped them achieve results. There were a lot of great scientists in the past that were demonized because the information they were carrying did not bode well for the interests of people of authority. The latter then find various ways on how to stop them from doing what they think would be good for the people. That is why you’d be wondering why science during that time was so intense and slow in progress.

However, you’ve already seen the results these days and the focus of advancing science has taken the world on a much better path than before. While some people would think that science has only done more harm than good, this is only because they are focusing on the bad effect of science. Everything that people do has some good and bad effects. The only difference is that the latter is given more attention than the former.

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